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Road Trips and Your Car

You have been planning the ideal road trip; things are in order, everything is packed, and you have routed the best way to get to your destination. The only thing you have not done is get your car checked, but hey, it has been running smoothly so far, it could not possibly breakdown during your trip; wrong...

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Wash and Wax Your Car

Your car's shiny finish depends greatly on how often you clean your car and how often you get it waxed. The waxy finish protects the paint from fading or chipping. The wax also protects your car from rust. The undercarriage is vulnerable to rust formation and really should get rinsed off at least once a week depending on current weather conditions and how often you drive...

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Why is it Important to Have an Emergency Roadside Kit?

Having an emergency roadside kit on hand will help to protect you in an emergency situation and it is an essential part of your car that you should keep maintained at all times. Examples of uses of emergency roadside kits include:

- Flares to alert passing vehicles or emergency vehicles that you are in need of help...

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Why You Should Lease a New Hyundai

Last week, we shared some of the benefits of buying a used vehicle. But you might be on a budget, and still want to find a way to drive a new Hyundai in Bend. We here at Team Hyundai of Bend just may have the solution: a new Hyundai lease.

Why should you lease a new Hyundai? Not only do you get to drive home with a new vehicle, but you don't actually end up paying the full amount. You only pay for the term of your lease, which is usually two to three years. Not to mention that…

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The Benefits of Buying a Used Hyundai

It can sometimes be tough to find a high quality vehicle on a budget. But Team Hyundai of Bend has plenty to choose from in our used vehicle inventory. But finding the right vehicle at the right price isn't the only benefit of buying a used Hyundai in Bend. In fact, there are plenty of benefits to buying a used vehicle.

A new vehicle can lose its resale value fairly quickly, but a used vehicle generally holds its value at a much better rate. Then when you consider that used vehicles tend to get lower insurance rates and registration…

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Keep your car a top performer with scheduled maintenance

Did you know that modern cars can lose up to 75% of their gas mileage based on a single fouled spark plug? Today, more than ever, it's absolutely imperative to keep your car serviced on a regular basis. While modern technology has brought quantum leaps in automotive safety, performance and fuel efficiency, it has also led to the most technologically complex cars in history.

Your dealership has certified technicians, some of whom spent years of education and training to get where they are, who are the world's foremost experts on servicing today's technology-packed cars.
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Synthetic Oil or Conventional Oil: Which, Why, and Who to Trust

You know you have to keep up on your motor oil. Even if it has been recent, an oil change will be necessary soon enough. Keeping up on this maintenance schedule is already a task in itself. It's natural to have questions about conventional oil or synthetic oil.
One place to check first is your vehicle's owner's manual. If that's not enough information, then consider the following. Conventional oil is the traditional kind still used in many makes and models of vehicles. It's cheapest and it lubricates adequately for most types of driving.
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