Do Your Tires Need Replacing?

If the tire pressure is not falling within the recommended range, you may not realize all the damage that you are doing to your tread and the safety of your ride. Pay attention for any of these warning signs the tires might need replacing.

If the tire is overinflated, the car is harder to control on slick roads. This is because less tread is coming in contact with the roads. It also means the tread is wearing only down the middle of the tire. When the tires on the car are underinflated, too much tread contacts the road and that added friction cause them to wear faster. One other issue is the car will be much harder to navigate. The issue could expose the tire to potential blowout because too much tread is now wearing quickly on the road surface.

Schedule a tire rotation with Team Hyundai of Bend and we'll get eyes on the tread more often.

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