Have Fewer Accidents With the Hyundai Santa Fe

Having an accident in your vehicle is one of the worst experiences of many people's lives. You feel that dread in the pit of your stomach about the damage to your vehicle, and you or another person can even get seriously hurt. Even if you're lucky enough that it's just a fender bender, talking with the insurance company and police, then later having your car in the repair shop can still be a headache. Thankfully, the popular crossover SUV, the Hyundai Santa Fe, has some technology features that will make accidents less likely.

The Lane-Keeping Assist comes standard, and it can tell you if you are leaving the lanes on the road. It will even correct for you if you fail to act. You'll also like the Rear View Monitor. It's a camera that sends the image to your front console area, and it can tell you if a person or object is in your way when you're backing out.



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