Hyundai Veloster: Three-Door Hatchback With Contemporary Amenities

As a car that has three doors, the Hyundai Veloster surely stands out among other vehicles on the road. We at Team Hyundai of Bend invite you to test drive this compact hatchback that is powered by a turbocharged engine block. A two-tone roof is another unique feature of this South Korean-designed model.

Most of the Veloster models come standard with a color 8-inch display that's fully controlled by simple touch gestures. You can also listen to hundreds of music channels on the Infinity sound system that includes eight speakers, an external amplifier, and a powerful subwoofer. SiriusXM Satellite Radio is another premium music service that's compatible with the patented sound system in this compact Hyundai vehicle.

High-level trims have the standard Active Sound Design that clarifies acoustics from a wide range of digital inputs. Additionally, the sporty Veloster offers Bluetooth controls for the sound system and any connected mobile phones.


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